Our Products

We want you to enjoy our products wherever you are, so we take special care to develop recipes that are always of the highest quality, made without additives and preservatives, yet always taste as though they’ve just been freshly baked.

  • Parisian Brioche

    Parisian brioche

    With its fine, moist crumb and good taste of butter, the Parisian brioche offers us a moment of sweetness at breakfast or snack. 

  • French Macarons

    French Macaron

    Our macarons are completely natural and do not use any artificial flavoring or colors.

    Our hermetic packaging ensures you get to enjoy them as if they had just been baked.

  • mini beignets

    French mini Beignets

    Our mini beignet are the perfect little ‘pick me up’ soft, fluffy little pillows generously filled with a variety of delicious fillings. 

  • madeleines

    Our Madeleines

    Everyone knows the madeleine , she even copied in many countries .

  • financiers

    Our financiers

    This little cake is thought to have originated in Paris around 1890. It is no coincidence it is shaped like a little gold ingot, as they are undoubtedly precious and celebrated.

  • chocolate brownie

    Chocolate brownie

    This mini Brownie use only quality ingredients like Butter and almond powder to bring to the products a good and soft taste.

  • lemon

    Our Mini Lemon Cakes

    In this recipe, we bring the real taste of lemon through fruit mash and natural lemon flavor .